Frigolet Abbey - Saint-Michel de Frigolet

For centuries, Christian pilgrims have come to the hills of Frigolet to pray to the archangel St. Michael and the Blessed Virgin Mary. On this profoundly spiritual site so evocative of the Holy Land, generation after generation of friars built and beautified two churches.

The Religious Community of St. Michael of Frigolet, Saint-Michel de Frigolet, belongs to the Order of the Canons Regular of Prémontré, also known as Premonstratentians, White Canons Regular or Norbertines. Premonstratentians follow the Rule of Life of St. Augustine of Hippo, a bishop in North Africa who lived in community with his clergy. This form of life was revived in 1120 in the Valley of Prémontré, in the North of France, by St. Norbert.

The followers of St. Norbert lead a monastic life whose rhythm is governed by liturgical prayer. As well as living in fraternal community, they are involved in pastoral work and evangelization in the area around the abbey. This is known as the canonical life

In Frigolet, at the heart of the Montagnette hills, the fathers devote themselves more particularly to welcoming visitors, short-term guests and young people, and to the needs of all those who seek silence, rest, prayer or study. They also ensure the service of neighbouring parishes and are active in school chaplaincies and with the sick.











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